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IHE Australia 2013 Showcase


Shared health records – a practical demonstration of interoperability at work

IHE Australia Showcases are public demonstrations where vendors show how their products that were previously tested at an IHE Connectathon integrate and interoperate in clinical scenarios. Run in conjunction with HIC 2013 and held within the HIC exhibition hall, the 2013 Showcase is a great opportunity for delegates to see real-time practical demonstrations of different vendors’ software at work connecting to one another in clinical scenarios using IHE XDS profiles. The vendors will demonstrate in a practical manner the business and clinical drivers of the use of an IHE XDS based on shared electronic health record to deliver a wide range of health care services. This enables vendors to demonstrate the interoperability of relevant products in a live environment.

Technology Brief

The 2013 Showcase is a virtual group of regional health services based on Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS). The XDS is an IHE Profile which enables registration and sharing of electronic health record documents between healthcare enterprises, ranging from physician offices to clinics to acute care in-patient facilities.

Implementation Processes

At the IHE Australia 2013 Showcase, the IHE XDS infrastructure will be deployed to demonstrate improved communication within a distributed organisation as a component of a "single view of patient", and to support health information exchange between organisations, which goes further than point to point messaging.

Delegates will be able to take part in two clinical scenarios

Scenario1 tracks a 23 year old male through the care treatment path for management of a sub- acute mental health condition, including GP consultation, allied health services, pharmacy prescriptions, and community care, with all interactions tied to use of a shared health record.

Scenario 2 tracks a 65 year old female oncology patient through acute care involving hospital admission, pathology and radiology examinations, surgery, discharge and referral to follow-up and multidisciplinary team meeting, chemotherapy and medication, and specialist and GP services, again all interactions tied to use of a shared health record.

Delegates will gain a practical understanding of the use of IHE XDS infrastructure, PIX/PDQ manager, XDS registry and XDS repository. They will also experience the use of secure messaging, conversion of HL7 V2.7 messages to CDA format, the use of a shared electronic health record as used in a HIE, the distribution of pathology results, and the use of XDS-I for radiology images and reports. Vendors will demonstrate various roles including infrastructure provider, document source and document consumer, and messaging intermediary.



Orion Health


DCA – The Care Manager
GE Healthcare - Australia & New Zealand – VNA
HTR Business and Technology Services - HTR Telhealth
InterSystems Corporation – HealthShare
InterSystems Corporation – TrakCare
Mach 7 Technologies – Keystone Suite
RadLogix RIS/ PACS


MOHAWK College, Canada – MARC- HI Visualizer

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